In 2001 “Arezzo Fiere e Congressi” was awarded with the “Mondo Italia” Prize conferred by Italian Ministry of Commerce and by I.C.E (the Italian Foreign Trade Institute) within the framework of the Guggenheim Business and Culture Award competition. This award has been conceived to honour those firms which choose to invest in promoting cultural projects having a valuable spin-off not only on those companies but also on the community. The Guggenheim Award is promoted by the Italian Manufacturers’Federation, by the Italian Ministry Of Commerce and
by I.C.E (Italian Foreign Trade Instutute), by Philip Morris Europe SA, By the Venetian Region, and by the “Sole 24 Ore” (one of the most important Italian economic newspapers), under the sponsorship of the Italian Ministries Council and of the Ministry for Arts and Cultures. “Arezzo Fiere e Congressi” proposed its candidacy on the basis of its initiative MASTERS’ JEWELLERY, its collection of contemporary goldsmoth’s art consisting of two hundreds unique pieces manufactured from 1987.
A highly qualified jury was entrusted with the choice of the winners. In that panel of examiners there were artist and other distinguished and leading persons of the world of culture who was asked to work side by side with journalists, economists and members of the Italian institution and of the world of communication. The jury awarded the prize with the following reason: “This jury recognizes the role accomplished by “Arezzo Fiere e Congressi” in rising th artistic level of the Italian jewellery production. The work carried out by “Arezzo Fiere e Congressi”
has had a precious role in the success attained abroad by our country little and medium firms, which, by tradition, made up the real framework of Italian producing system. We hope it will, also in the future, keep on permorming this task in such a successful way.”